384 years of Madras – Celebrating Madras Day:

Madras – a city whose culture shines bright in every aspect! From the famed street food, suda suda ‘filter kaapi’, and margazhi katcheries to the growing club scene, ever-growing mall culture and refreshing lifestyle, Madras is the perfect amalgamation of old and new, where its rich history blends beautifully with the modernity that binds the city.

Madras is not a place; it’s an emotion. Ask any Chennaiite, and they will sing praises about the city. Madras – the city of hopes and dreams, where people come to live a better life. As the capital of Tamil Nadu, Chennai’s many beautiful sights and unique idiosyncrasies make it the perfect tourist destination for anybody looking for a window into the South.

Madras to Chennai:

In the mid-sixteenth century, Madras was the southern headquarters of the East India Company, which wanted to increase its stronghold in South India with the formation of Fort St. George. In the latter half of the 18th century, Madras became a primary Naval base due to its location along the coast. The harbour in Madras also helped the city become an important centre for trade between India and European countries. 

Post-independence, Madras became the legal and administrative capital of Tamil Nadu.

On July 17 1996, the city of Madras was officially christened Chennai by the state government of Tamil Nadu to break free from the colonial legacy left behind by the British.

Madras Day – to new beginnings: 

Madras Day was an initiative started by a group of enthusiastic individuals who wanted to celebrate the city’s rich history. The first celebration took place in 2004, and since then, Madras Day has grown into an event of pride, filled with performances, events and festivals about the city, exalting its culture, customs, history, and traditions.

The city’s iconic monuments stand against the test of time, telling a tale of incomparable significance that bolsters its importance in India’s history. 

Blending the old with the new:

Chennai’s unique position at the core of India’s history offers it a respite, allowing it to cling to its iconic past while making way for the new modernity. That is why we see a beautiful contrast of historic buildings housing new-age restaurants and old temples in neighbourhoods filled with posh nouveau architecture structures.

The word Chennai sparks fond memories of walking along the golden shores of Marina Beach with friends and families, collecting seashells and eating ‘sundal’, predicting your future with soothsayers and watching the beautiful sunrise. The beach is a staple in the lives of Chennaiites and a much-preferred hangout spot for all.

And we would be remiss if we didn’t mention Chennai’s much-loved cuisine. Piping hot dosas and super soft idlis, spicy bajjis and savoury sambar, South Indian delicacies are much appreciated by Chennaiites, even amid the boom of multi-cuisine restaurants scattered around the city as of late.

Chennai was, is and always will be the heart of South India, whose people are welcoming and whose land promises good things to come. Its markets, temples, historic buildings, food and beaches welcome you to spend days traversing the city, where you can immerse yourself in its inimitable culture and traditions. 

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