A Tour Around Ooty’s Tea Estate View Point

We are all well aware of India’s fascination with chai. Sometimes, a cup of chai is all we need to kickstart the day in high spirits. Masala chai, in particular, has become the all-time favourite beverage for most of us, brewed with a concoction of heady spices.

India has several tea estates, where we grow our own tea plants and export it to other parts of the world, with almost 17% of the tea exported. Indian states such as Assam, West Bengal, Kerala and Tamil Nadu are famously known for producing tea. In Tamil Nadu, Ooty is a well-known cultivator of tea, famously known for its Nilgiri tea.

The tea plantations in Ooty are also a favoured sightseeing destination, where people can visit to see how the plants are grown and how the leaves are processed and packaged. Ooty’s numerous tea plantations cascade like a green carpet, stretching across acres and meeting the blue sky like a naturally woven tapestry. It truly is a stunning sight for sore eyes.

Although Ooty has several tea estates, some of which even let you stay there, none is as charming or scenic as the tea gardens on Doddabetta Road. With the Tea Factory and Tea Museum, these tea estates allow you to get the complete tea-tastic experience, laying out the history of the plantations to present-day innovations in the tea industry. The Tea Factory gives you a marvellous tour of the tea processing, done live for all to witness in amazement.

The Tea Estate View Point near Doddabetta Peak is one that cannot be missed. Whether you are a connoisseur of tea or just a novice looking to enter into the flavourful world of tea, the Tea Estate View Point is one where you can gather all the information regarding Ooty’s tea estate while relishing the various flavourful concoctions crafted there!

Here are some of the things to do while visiting the Tea Estate View Point:

A Trek through the Tea Leaves:

Be in awe of the beauty of nature as you stroll through the green tea plantations! It’s also the perfect spot for nature lovers and for people looking to capture that picture-perfect, Instagram shot!

Witness the process in the Tea Factory:

The Tea Factory is the ultimate destination for tea lovers who want to know the in-depth procedure. Experts walk you through the processing method, from the collection of leaves to the packaging and shipping of tea. 

Learn about the lore in the Tea Museum:

In this museum slash gallery, learn all you can about the history of tea cultivation in India, the different types of tea leaves and their various flavours.

Taste their oh-so-famous Masala Chai:

What’s a day around a tea estate without savouring the sumptuous flavours of their hand-brewed masala chai? This one is for all the tea lovers, where you can enjoy the cool Nilgiri climate with a cup of hot, flavourful tea!

Splurge at our Gift Shop:

Take home the souvenirs from our tea estates! Carry back our flavourful teas, trinkets, essential oils and freshly prepared chocolates as a remembrance of the fantastic time spent at the tea estates.

While the masala chai at the Tea Estate View Point is simply tea-licious, our chai at the Tea Kadai of Accord Highland Ooty provides a formidable competition! With a stunning view of Ooty’s hills and a vast array of snacks, our tea is brewed with the finest leaves of Ooty’s tea estates, providing the flavour your tea-loving palate craves! Book your stay at Accord Highland Ooty to tour the Tea Estate View Point and enjoy a cup of chai at our Tea Kadai!