The Yuletide Spirit visits Accord Puducherry & Accord Metropolitan early this year with the traditional Cake-Mixing Ceremony.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at Accord Hotels and Resorts!

One of the reasons that make Christmas such a well-loved festival celebrated with unbridled enthusiasm across the world is the traditional Christmas cake. And well, the making of these sweet delicacies is no piece of cake! Preparations begin months in advance to ensure that the necessary ingredients soak well and the resulting mixture yields the most delicious cakes to be enjoyed by all on Christmas Day. 

These mouthwatering Christmas cakes are a fruitful yield of the time-honoured mixing process, formally called the “Cake Mixing Ceremony”, a ritual religiously followed by the whole world and said to be a harbinger of good things and happiness.

Accord Hotels & Resorts has partaken in this sacred ritual for several years now and is the proud host of several Cake-Mixing ceremonies. 

This year, the festive celebrations kicked off with the cake-mixing ceremony at Accord Metropolitan and Accord Puducherry.

Accord Metropolitan:

The ceremony was held on 2nd November 2022, Wednesday and was a colossal success. ​​Mr. Thiyagarajan, Mr. Arun Raj – Vice President (Operations), Mr. Pankaj Katyal – General Manager, HoDs, staff, other dignitaries and in-house guests all joined hands to herald the spirit of Yuletide, by mixing the various ingredients and soaking them for the Christmas cakes. 

110 kg of fruits, nuts and spices went into a Cauldron, with 60 litres of alcohol poured into the mix. Enthusiastic guests and staff alike sunk their gloved hands into the blend and got to mixing the concoction, and the final product resulted in a heady mix of dry fruits infused in the alcohol to be stored till the time came to bake the cakes.

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Accord Puducherry:

Accord Puducherry has maintained this sacred ceremony of Cake-Mixing over the years, and this year, we went all out to make this ceremony a memorable one. The Cake-Mixing Ceremony was held on 29th October 2022, Saturday with special dignitaries, hotel staff and guests all coming together to celebrate the Yuletide spirit with the cake-mixing ceremony. 

The jolly ceremony was done in festive style in the lobby of the hotel in the presence of hotel guests and corporate patrons, Mr. Arun Raj – Vice President (Operations), Mr.Vairakumar – Vice President, Mr. Ilavarassou – Project Manager, Mr. Muthuraj – General Manager, staff and other dignitaries, and was inaugurated by Mr Velmurugan, Sr. Sales Manager. A delectable array of fruits, nuts and spices was mixed in with bottles of wine, rum and whisky, giving rise to a heavenly aroma wafting out from the cauldron while excited people with gloved hands waited around to knead the concoction. 

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‘Tis the season to be jolly, and Accord certainly knows how to get in the festive mood! Our Cake-Mixing Ceremonies were a wildly entertaining experience for our guests. This long-standing tradition is the perfect occasion to invite the joyous feeling of Christmas into our lives, with the hopes of carrying this excitement well into the end of December, when Christmas comes around, heralding the new year.